Buying Land Info

About Buying Land


On this page we will outline all the options you have when placing an order for a new region (land) and explain all the options so that you can make an informed choice when ordering your new region.


Please note that you do not have to create a marketplace account to be able to place an order.

Starting your order

Placing your new order is very simple, but with so many different grids doing things a differently, we wanted to make things as simple as possible for you.


To start your new order, click on the "Buy Now" button of either a Standard 1x1 region or the Variable Region option.

Entering Your Details - Inworld User Name (Avatar Name)

The order placing screen is then opened up and looks like this.


There is a scroll bar to the right of the order screen to allow you to enter all your required info.


Start by typing in your Avatar's name. This will be the name you use inworld. If you have not yet created an inworld avatar come out of the order process and proceed to creating an avatar before going any further. Click Here to create a new avatar.

Entering Your Details - Email Address

It is very important to make sure you enter your email address correctly as this will be used to confirm your order and to inform you of any progress in delivery.


This email address will also be used for your monthly region renewal invoicing. 

Entering Your Details - Physics Engine

The Physics Engine has an option of two different engines. Use the dropdown arrow to the right of the box to make your selection.


The default engine is already selected.


BulletSim is still the most used Physics Engine and ubODE is now less frequently used on the latest operating systems.


ubODE Physics was used for some vehicles and some mesh builds.

Entering Your Details - New Region Name

Another important field, the name you want your region (land) known by.


This is what you and your friends will enter into the map search field to find your region.


Keeping the name simple is also recommended as HG teleporters often cant resolve complex region names (i.e. with many words). Try to keep your region name down to one or two words.


Many grids only allow 24 characters in the naming sequence and will truncate names that are longer. Which sometimes causes HG issues in resolving the address.

Entering Your Details - Estate Name

Here is a field that is often confused with the Region Name.


The Estate Name is not seen by anyone unless they look in “About Region” in the inworld viewer menu.


Estate Name is used to share permission at land level (keep in mind that you can also set permissions at parcel level).


Estate permissions make it easy to share permissions if you own more than one region (or plan to).

Entering Your Details - Pick a Variable Size (Region Size) only applies to variable orders

One of the biggest misconceptions in OpenSim is “Bigger Is Better!” this is simply not true.

The allocated system resources for a region is the same for a 1x1 through to any sized variable region.


If you want a large region, you are better off having multiple 2x2 variable regions side by side to make up the size of land you want. This way you get more system resource to power your project or look at investing in a dedicated server.


2x2 Tucana Class region = to the size of 4 single regions

3x3 Pegasus Class region = to the size of 9 single regions

4x4  Andromeda Class region = to the size of 16 single regions


Larger regions available please see Danny Cruise inworld

Entering Your Details - Select Amount of Prims

Select the Amount of Prims you would like your land setup with.


Prims are the object number that a region will hold. Some mesh builds only use 1 prim for the whole build.


Standard regions (1x1) start with 16000 prims while Variables start with a 40000 prim capacity.

Entering Your Details - Max Concurrent Traffic

The amount of connected avatars a region will support at any one time.   

Entering Your Details - Region Type

There are two types of regions, Standalone and Mainland Regions.


Standalone regions are independent and do not adjoin to other public regions (but may join to your own regions)


Mainland regions join directly to other public regions to make up a larger map area.


Currently Mainland regions are only available in 2x2 variable sized regions.

Entering Your Details - OpenSim Version

Here you get to choose the OpenSim version your region runs on.


We are constantly developing and releasing new releases.


The current default is V. DW Extended release.


We can also create your region on an older release on request.

Entering Your Details - Virtual Currency

Again two choices: Gloebit Currency and DW$ which is our own inworld currency.


Default is DW$ which is the Dynamic Worldz default currency.

You can buy our currency from this LINK


Gloebit is a currency that can be used on other Gloebit enabled grids

Which means your currency travels with you if you are visiting a grid that supports it.

Gloebit LINK

Entering Your Details - Land Starting Point Type

Land Starting Point Type allows you to decide how you would like your region to be created.


There are 4 choices here:-

  • Flat Level Land (default)
  • Water Region 10m deep
  • Water Region 20m deep
  • or use one of our land templates available from our land website. Click Here

If choosing a Starter Terrain please specify which terrain in the order comments box.

Finalising Your Order

Once you are done making your choices, you can finalise your order by clicking the button “Add to Bag”

Shopping cart

  • Scroll down to your shopping cart
  • Re enter your email address
  • Read and agree the Terms & Conditions
  • Click the Checkout button

Payment information

Payment information: Choose how you wish to pay for your new region.

NOTE: you DO NOT have to have a PayPal account to use this payment method. If you do not have a PayPal account choose “Credit or debit card” as your payment method.


Future monthly tier payments will offer the same choice.


Comments Box (Enter any special requirements here)

This is where you will enter any instruction to us. i.e. starter land templates etc.



Thank you for considering Dynamic Worldz for your OpenSim project/home.


If you have any difficulty or have any questions, please feel free to contact our helpdesk.


Good luck and we look forward to seeing you inworld.